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The monkey is often a much misunderstood creature. Man often has an image of a cheeky little fella who quite happy to pinch your nuts and shove em in their gob before you could say "hey that's my nuts" but this is quite an antiqated veiw of monkeys. Today we understand our primate friends much more and the past myths of impudent and stupid monkey's either laying about playing with sticks or aimlesly swinging from tree to tree are absolute bunk. We now know that monkey's have a full life with similar ups and downs to us indeed if a monkey is swinging from tree to tree it is probably going somewhere. messing about with sticks
trees;a monkey paradise So with this new found respect of our cousions I have made groudbreaking research into primate lifestyle. After several years living in the rain forrest's of the world studying monkey kind, I felt that hey, these guy's are allright. You know what them guy's thought I was allright too because they came back home to Hull with me and the rest is history. I dont know if Hull has the same standard of diverse eco-systems that Amazonia has to offer, but I'am sure that everyone is happy and besides how the hell do you get Sky tv in the rain forrest?
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